Good Food for Life

Maggie Davis’  book, Good Food for Life: Planning, Preparing and Sharing, has been published and is available on Amazon and in bookstores. Click on the photo to see more.

Click here to listen to Mindy Todd (WCAI – The Point) interview Maggie about Good Food for Life

“Do you want to have more energy? Want to be around to see your children and grandchildren get married and raise their families? Read this book… and then live it.”

Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Rhythm of Life



Essential Oils 101

YL oil bottlesEssential Oils 101 presented by Tracy Lamperti

Maggie Davis is pleased to invite you to hear her colleague Tracy Lamperti’s informative and fun introduction to the use of essential oils as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tracy brings her knowledge of essential oils, her professional expertise as a holistic psychotherapist and a woman who lives the organic lifestyle.

You won’t want to miss this!

Wednesday, 8/24/16 at 4pm at Live Nutrition in Brewster

$10 charge. If you are not already a Young Living Essential Oil customer, you will also receive a $10 credit toward any Young Living Purchase, expires in 30 days.

Call now to reserve your spot – 508-896-9080

First Bite

First Bite Book Cover

“First Bite: How We Learn to Eat” by Bee Wilson sheds light on how we, as humans, develop our omnivore palate. Wilson investigates the conditioning mechanisms that shape our food preferences with evidenced-based research, stemming from biology, chemistry, history, and sociology, while also providing anecdotal experience. This book explores the development of our food preferences and how simple likes and dislikes can have devastating health effects. Perhaps the most interesting take home message from this read is that the very foundation of our food penchant can be rebuilt to achieve a healthier relationship with food.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone, especially parents, as this book offers valuable introductory feeding suggestions for children and the importance of positive involvement surrounding meals. Eating is a repetitive and habitual phenomenon and discovering the roots of our unique predisposition to food can benefit our overall understanding of our food customs, as well as encourage diversity on our plates at home.


Cassandra Bursma

Mt. Auburn Hospital, Dietetic Intern ‘16

Live Nutrition Inc, Summer Intern 2016

Zucchini Rollups

Zucchini Rollups


This recipe is great anytime of year but it’s especially wonderful with fresh zucchini from the garden or farmers’ market. It can be made earlier in the day and served as an appetizer but it’s best when served warm from the grill or at room temperature.



2 zucchini (6-8”)

Boursin or Alouette Cheese, herb and garlic flavored

10 basil leaves

40 baby spinach leaves (approx. 1 cup)

Olive oil

  • Slice each zucchini into 5 slices approx. ¼ inch thick, cutting off the rounded edges on either side to yield flat slices
  • Heat a stove top grill or outdoor grill to medium high. Brush the slices with olive oil on one side and place them on the grill oil side down. Brush the second side with olive oil and cook on each side for several minutes until the slices are pliable but not too soft.
  • Take each slice and on the narrow end put ½ tsp of cheese, 1 basil leaf and about 4 baby spinach leaves. Roll up and place on a serving dish. They will disappear quickly!

Adapted from Fine Cooking magazine


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