First Bite

first-bite-coverFirst Bite: How We Learn to Eat” by Bee Wilson sheds light on how we, as humans, develop our omnivore palate. Wilson investigates the conditioning mechanisms that shape our food preferences with evidenced-based research, stemming from biology, chemistry, history, and sociology, while also providing anecdotal experience. This book explores the development of our food preferences and how simple likes and dislikes can have devastating health effects. Perhaps the most interesting take home message from this read is that the very foundation of our food penchant can be rebuilt to achieve a healthier relationship with food.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone, especially parents, as this book offers valuable introductory feeding suggestions for children and the importance of positive involvement surrounding meals. Eating is a repetitive and habitual phenomenon and discovering the roots of our unique predisposition to food can benefit our overall understanding of our food customs, as well as encourage diversity on our plates at home.


Cassandra Bursma

Mt. Auburn Hospital, Dietetic Intern ‘16

Live Nutrition Inc, Summer Intern 2016

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