Work Clean book review

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Mise-en-place is a French culinary term that represents a unique system of working. The term means “putting in place”. Its a very simple system that applies in the kitchen and also in any setting that requires you to focus your actions and accomplish tasks.  His sage advice stems from interviews with chefs and culinary executives but can be applied in almost any setting. I especially like his section on “cleaning as you go” and “developing a repertoire of cleaning tactics…

In Work Clean Dan Charnas spells out the 10 major principles of mise-en-place for chefs and non chefs alike:

  1.  cleaning as you go
  2. arranging spaces and perfecting movements
  3.  planning is prime
  4.  making first moves
  5.  finishing actions
  6.  slowing down to speed up
  7.  call and callback
  8. open ears and eyes
  9.  inspect and correct
  10.  total utilization

If you’re having difficulty organizing you work or your kitchen, this book provides useful insight into putting things “in place” and simplifying work that may at first seem daunting.

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