Clean up your Act: Plant Based House Cleaning


Learn how to clean your home or workspace without harmful chemicals… You will learn ways to simplify your cleaning, save money and keep your environment as healthy as the food you eat.

You may be trying to eat right and select the best foods available for you, your family and even your pets but are you paying as much attention to the products you are using to keep your kitchen, bathroom and your living environment as clean and healthy as possible?

Here are 10 reasons to start cleaning green with plant based cleaners:

  1. Make your home safer for you, your family and your pets
  2. Protect your health by avoiding chemical cleaners
  3. Cleaner indoor air
  4. Help the environment
  5. Save Money
  6. Make cleaning easier and simpler
  7. Give back to your community and the planet
  8. Know what’s in your cleaning products
  9. Become a green role model
  10. Create your own products

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