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  • Two great books to help you prevent & treat heart attacks

    Tweet As a Registered Dietitian, I advise patients on diet strategies, exercise and healthy lifestyles habits to prevent and treat heart attacks and stroke. Dr. Brill’s new book will take its place alongside “Cholesterol Down” at the top of my list as a take-home reference for those patients who want to know what to do […]

  • Food Count Reference Books

    Tweet These references contain hundreds pages of nutrient content for generic and name brand food products. They can be used for planning meals or grocery shopping in advance or for counting carbs or tallying your daily sodium intake.

  • 2 Recipe Books from Mark Bittman

    Tweet by Mark Bittman These books makes a great gift to a novice cook or an experienced one either the large volume of 2000 recipes or the equally impressive vegetarian edition which includes virtually every dish you would ever want to make. Mark Bittman’s recipes are derived from his NY Times “Minimalist” columns.

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