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  • Conditions of Use

    Tweet The information provided on this website is designed to complement but not replace the relationship between the user and his or her healthcare provider.

  • To Gluten or Not To Gluten?

    Tweet Find out the latest about the spectrum of gluten-related disorders, testing for celiac disease and diagnostic guidelines. Harm from gluten reaches far beyond celiac disease. We will explore how gluten sensitivity can cause obesity, the relationship of celiac disease to thyroid disorders, neurological and skin disorders and a wide spectrum of other conditions… Decide […]

  • Courtney Driscoll, RD, LDN, MMHC

    Tweet Courtney Driscoll joined Live Nutrition in the summer of 2006.   Courtney has had a lifelong passion for helping others achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. Courtney is a native Cape Codder and a graduate of St. Joseph’s College in West Hartford, CT where she was a Dean’s List student and […]