Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How do I know if my Insurance will cover my visit?
A: Most insurance plans now cover Medical Nutrition Therapy but check your individual policy or your company’s website for your specific coverage. It may depend on your diagnosis and you may need a physician referral. We are providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts, Secure Horizons, Harvard Pilgrim and Medicare.

2. Q: I have just been diagnosed with Celiac disease and I don’t know what to eat. I’m confused and afraid to eat many of my favorite foods. Can you help me?
A: We can educate you not only about what to avoid, but we can help you to know what is safe to eat on a Gluten-Free diet, how to read labels, how to eat out safely and how to prepare food safely in your home.

3. Q: I am thinking of starting a family soon but I don’t always eat well. Can you help me to be at my healthiest before a pregnancy?
A: Yes, we can help! It’s much safer and healthier to improve the quality of your diet or lose necessary weight prior to the pregnancy. We can also help you during the pregnancy and to lose weight postpartum.

4. Q: I eat very healthy foods but why can’t I lose weight?
A: Your portions may be the problem. We can help you to evaluate your current portions and suggest ways to make changes without drastic starvation diets.

5. Q: My family has a hectic schedule and we all seem to eat different things. How can you help us get back to healthier family meals with our schedule?
A: We can meet with you and your family members to assess your needs, food preferences, cooking style and any special needs and help you to develop a plan to improve your food intake and make healthy meals an important part of your family life. Food can be the ingredient that melds families together!

6. Q: My cooking skills are very limited. Do I need to use complicated recipes to eat well?
A: No, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen or have sophisticated cooking skills to buy and eat healthy food. We can help you to learn how to buy and prepare good food in less time.

7. Q: I’ve been on every diet known and I always lose weight but I regain the weight and then some. Can you help me to keep the weight off for good this time?
A: We will help you through every phase of healthy weight loss including the maintenance phase which is the most important. We will work with you to change your eating habits and your whole relationship with food rather than giving you a very restrictive diet. We also remain available to you for the long term support that is often needed to keep the weight off.

8. Q: I like fruit but I don’t seem to know how to buy it and ripen it. It always goes bad before I eat it. How can I incorporate more fruit and vegetables and other high fiber food into my daily intake?
A: We can give you creative ideas on increasing your fiber intake and to manage the produce you buy. The type of fiber you need may also depend on your diagnosis or on any digestive issues you have. We occasionally offer supermarket tours that take you right into the produce aisle for hands-on advice.

9. Q: I have been diagnosed with “Pre-Diabetes” and I am terrified that I will develop Diabetes next. Can I prevent this from happening?
A: You can lower your risk of developing Diabetes and Diabetic Complications by losing weight, eating a diet that decreases the need for insulin production and exercising if possible. We specialize in helping individuals and families who have a high risk of developing diabetes and would love to help you!

10. Q: I have a hectic schedule and travel often for work and for pleasure. Can I consult with you by phone, fax or e-mail when I am away to keep to my food plan?
A: We have special programs that can accommodate your needs and give you access to nutrition consultation when you are unable to visit in person. We have seen clients from five different continents and dozens of states who spend only part of the year on Cape Cod and who want continual and consistent nutrition coaching. We can also give expert advice on eating when you are planning a trip.