Medical Nutrition Therapy
Nutrition & Wellness Consultation
Certified Diabetes Education

Why Weight? 8 week group program for compulsive overeaters and binge eaters

Single Session Classes on a variety of topics including Diabetes, Heart Health, Feeding Children, Food Allergies and more… (Click on News &Events to see upcoming offerings)

MedGem Measurement of your specific calorie needs using indirect calorimetry technology

BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) Body Composition and Fitness Analysis – to determine body fat & lean content of your body and to track your progress as you make lifestyle changes

Food & Nutrient Analysis – to precisely analyze and evaluate the content of menus, recipes or your food intake. And we can help you select the best system to track your food intake yourself.

Personalized Menu and Meal Planning Services  for individuals, families, and groups

Personalized Nutrition & Diet Coaching Plans by phone, fax or e-mail

Nutrition Tune-Up – a comprehensive evaluation of your food intake, body composition, metabolic fingerprint (using Indirect Calorimetry technology) and a customized plan to make a good diet great (gift ertificates available for this service)

Home Visits can be arranged for those unable to come to the office for consultation

Public Speaking – Programs for Professional, Corporate and Community Organizations

Food and Healthcare Industry Consultation – Call for more information